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  Updated December 05, 2021 | By Bob Fugett

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#Time ESTNameCommentBob's Response
783610/18/2021 8:07:35 PMWhoa, Daddy!

Planet of the Humans

Full Documentary

Tell me 'bout it.

78327/26/2021 9:22:08 PMBob Fugett

Linked above is a YouTube review of Tesla's Virtual Power Plant initiative.

Linked immediately below is a related Wikipedia article providing broader context:

As a fashion aside...

Thanks to Beau

World's top t-shirt model

08/02/21 update

For a quick update to this posting, here is a "Wow!" alternative to Tesla's lithium ion batteries:

In the two years since we installed our full-house solar array, not only have we covered all our own electric power needs, but we have given free charging to a few random wandering EV's and loaned back to the grid 11 Megawatts for others to use.

And yes, I said megawatts not kilowatts.

That means we have become a smallish electric power company, or if you prefer a community based benefactor of electrical energy, having generated $2090.00 worth of publicly available green grid electricity.

But for our own financial comfort (given the likely case payback never comes) and in order to further confirm our rabid independence from the fossil fuel grid, we may need to add a washer sized battery next to the 2 Tesla batteries in our basement.

To understand why the prospect of buying another battery excites me, see the video linked in this update regarding iron-air batteries, but don't mention it to Mary and get her going on cost again.



<-- The video linked at left gives a perfect overview of what is absolutely positively our undeniable future.

Just be aware that to some extent it is merely a Tesla commercial.

Thankfully, one presenter clues us in wearing a t-shirt screaming, "TEAM ELON!"

But in no way should that imply the video is untruthful, because it is incredibly correct... with a couple of caveats.

For one thing, the software mentioned is not yet as good as portrayed.

Tesla Powerwalls are not truly "uninterruptable", so if your application requires glitch-free power, Tesla's current implementation of battery to grid still has a ways to go.

Also the statement that Elon is a genius who is far ahead of his time ignores the fact most of the rest of world already allows cars to act as peaker sources for the grid.

Only in Trump's America could the U.S. brashly claim to be leading edge while remaining so laughably behind the curve.

Be that as it may, Elon is definitely more qualified to talk about the future of energy than was Trump qualified to be placed in the position of leadership that allowed him to destroy the Republican Party on his way to failing at his quest to rid the world of democracy, self determination, and the rule of law.

But even Trump et al. knew better than trying to fuck with electromagnetism, gravity, and the laws of physics.

Which is why I derived great pleasure throwing scads of money into solar during the darkest of the Trump years, thus protecting our savings with something untouchable and of unassailable value.

We believe Elon is correct about the unstoppable move to electric power, and our Endico studio conversion to full electric is now complete.

On the other hand, inevitable as the world's changeover to sustainable power may be (along with the resumption of democratic norms), we must be careful to never again pin the label "genius" on some random slightly-off business type and bow before them ever after in unquestioning devotion.

Something to ponder in our shiny bright electric future.

78317/22/2021 11:12:29 PMBob FugettTesting, testing: re-open.

Those who would harm us have all left town.

However, I am still not going to advertise the fact this Forum is again open to the public.

I will just be placing notes to myself here while people catch on.

Otherwise: have at it.

     Currently showing  3 comments

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