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       Sugar Loaf, NY 10981

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  Updated Feb 17, 2024 | By Bob Fugett

    Volt Wagon (VOLT WGN)

@ Endico watercolor studio
1967 Volkswagen Beetle

converted to electric
charged by off-grid solar

(SOLD: 04/26/22)

autonomous full house solar
with two Tesla batteries plus backup generator
photo by Mary Endico, 02/04/2020

photo by Bob Fugett, 07/05/2019

Looks like we did the right thing!
(unretouched iPhone photo by Mary Endico, 08/08/2019)

The face you make when you realize they are
not going to let you drive the new electric mower  
: (
(photo by Mary Endico, 09/23/2019)

Too anxious waiting for the VW conversion in order
to make a political statement so...

(photo by Mary Endico, 4/16/2019)

See story immediately below.
(SOLD: 04/26/22)


History of my yellow electric bug   (SOLD: 04/26/22)

Once again danger had dropped on him with a heavy thud.

Eric was locked eye to eye with the cop.

In the deep dark cool 1971 West Texas night the oddly motionless desert was erect and still, moonlit and shimmering under the lush blazing stars.

It was before light pollution was a thing.

Eric had been pulled over, rousted out of the car, credential checked, and asked to open the trunk of his black lumbering stock 1967 Ford Galaxie convertible.

By luck more than guile his two earlier illegal border crossings had gone unnoticed.

Now it was imperative to keep the patrolman's eyes engaged because if the officer so much as glanced down... there were several pounds of self-harvested peyote buttons in plain sight.

As Eric lifted the heavy lid of the trunk, he chatted cordially with the officer, like the best of old friends — always with the eyes.

The flashlight quickly scanned the trunk's contents while not the slightest attention followed the light.

"OK, looks fine. Stay safe," and it was over, for the moment.

Every inch of the ride was required, passing through five states back to the tiny college in Illinois, in order to fully decompress before the next problem.

How to set up a dorm room to manufacture the mescaline.

A Slight Aside

Immediately below is email from me to Mary Endico dated 02/15/24.

Subj: In the summer 1972 I spent a few moments of alternating terror and exuberant hopeful freedom coming up this hill on a lonely Illinois road outside of Normal/Bloomington on the way home to Ohio after a weekend of campus partying.

Content: A warm sun shower drizzled, and I was still stoned listening to Steely Dan on my 1958, 14 year old VW beater, bug's AM radio... man, I had it all.

You can sort of repeat the feeling by switching between Google's street view of 2023 and 2018 while screaming into a pillow.


2023 2018



More about this later, but first a bibliography and deep dive into alternative fuels with the goal of building a next generation free-use sustainable nuclear power plant in my back yard.

Now you are laughing, but later you will be saying, "Well, of course."

12/20/18 -Bob Fugett

Endico watercolor studio
Sunrise xmas morning 2018
(photo by Mary Endico)



01/25/19 - photos by Mary Endico

newly arrived Nature's Generator with solar panel
which will be used to charge the VOLT WGN off-grid
(soon as the conversion to electric is completed March-April)
- photo and solar panel assembled by Mary Endico





Outside Endico Watercolor Studio
- photo by Mary Endico

04/20/19 Update

Got too excited waiting for the solar panels/vw conversion so bought a 2019 Chevy Bolt in the meantime.

I wrote a story about it which Mary posted to her Facebook page.

Buyer's Remorse (pure green basic math)

EV Buyer's remorse is a very scary thing.

We did read about all the possible problems with our new 2019 Chevy Bolt EV, but that was after we agreed to purchase it.

On the way over to pick it up from Healey Brothers in Middletown, we were apprehensive.

We saw the complaints about small uncomfortable seats, too close accommodations in the cockpit, poor front-end handling, and wind sensitivity.

But we had already committed.

Could we have missed those things in our quick test drive?

We were nervous.

The previous night's thunderstorms had ushered in a full day of continual heavy winds, some gusting to 70 mph.

I said, "Well, I guess we'll know our mistake soon enough what with the wind and all."

We signed the check for full purchase price and pulled onto the highway where I told Mary, "Punch it!"


My head tapped lightly back on the headrest, and I thought, "This electric little puppy really moves!"

We were reminded of our 2004 Subaru WRX, a fuel injected wagon which was famous for its sportiness and Mary blowing the engine.

Driving home in the new Bolt we were immediately surprised that "close to hurricane force gusts" were only causing slight buffets, and we soon realized the seats were plenty roomy, comfortable over the long haul.

We felt zero (0) amounts of claustrophobia.

Maybe the reviewers were large and out of shape.

Actually the true differences in modern cars are really quite slight.

All are reliably correct with one car being more or less indistinguishable from all others.

It must be hard to market them.

The only place one can find real differences is in the sales and support staff.

And that is just where Healey shone brightest.

Benjamin and Winter did such an incredible job of getting Mary and me into the right car (and quickly up to speed on how it works), this became the first time in 40 years and 16 cars purchased that we didn't wake up the next morning with severe buyer's remorse.

Not a whiff.

Of course this car was also bought as an all out political statement, our strongest resistance possible to the current forces hell bent on destroying our independence, muddying long standing cultural understandings of truth and logic, decimating the world's environment, and excoriating democracy all along the way.

Happily, coupled with our soon to be installed free-standing autonomous full house solar panel array, our new electric car will give us the extreme freedoms of net zero sustainability.

It is something only possible through the clarity of incontestable scientific data, and the mathematical certainty of simple physics.

No politics involved in gravity, electro-magnets, and pure green basic math.

So nary a drop of buyer's remorse... and that due to cool factor alone!



Pitron, Guillaume. 2018. La guerre des métaux rares: La face cachée de la transition énergétique et numérique: Éditions Les Liens qui libèrent.  ISBN: 979-10-209-0574-1




small modular nuclear reactors


Oklo, Gabon
natural nuclear fission reactor

checking for radium clock with UV light


soloar radiation map

ultimate guide and overview
by nice guy survivalist

ausie: cheap vs expensive solar panels

Tesla Powerwall 2 (two guys with too much money but now cheapest)

wind turbines: not so much
(but see comments about bias)


received supposed radium clock though it's unlikely to be
due to research revealing this is a big scam area of interest
eBay seller may themselves have been scammed
(good if it is a scam because then not radium)


rcvd Stanley LED UV flashlight;
radium clock tests positive so next
order Radalert 50 geiger counter
further testing

luminous dials

how to tell if radium
(see also "radium disposal and licensing" link below)

"It's not something to take lightly. One kilo of radium under one pint of water will bring it to a boil from room temp, every half hour for thousands of years."

[Just as I thought.]

radium disposal and licensing
https://scp.nrc.gov/narmtoolbox/radium faq102008.pdf
(probably will have clock lab tested just for the story)


ordered "The Radioactive Boy Scout"
   book about young fellow who built a breeder reactor
   in his back yard as an Eagle scout project



purchased from original eBay radium clock listing



Liquid Metal Batteries

not ready till at least 2020 -

on Ambri website submitted query -
"Are these batteries currently available at any price, under any circumstances, even for Alpha and/or Beta test sites?"


sadoway battery -






A pellet of 238PuO2

radioisotope thermoelectric generator

nuclear power in space

Update 05/23/2021

Click for image source


nuclear Ford





Deng Xiaoping, a Chinese politician from the late 1970s to the late 1980s, "The Middle East has oil; we have rare earths ... it is of extremely important strategic significance; we must be sure to handle the rare earth issue properly and make the fullest use of our country's advantage in rare earth resources."

rare earth metals



toxic rare


Process Notes

02/05/19 - Level 3 Charger Rant

Above is the strongest indication yet that my original voltwagen concept remains off-the-charts counter culture.

The Goshen, NY Level 2 charger shown above is a device that was overpriced and over engineered from the start, requires a $600/yr network agreement forever afterwards, and could only have been installed by a committee with a grant.

The saddest part is that the resulting charger is woefully inadequate to be useful in the real world which is most profoundly expressed by the fact gas cars have taken over the "EV charging only" spaces, and nobody seems to care.

This just reinforces how these things are slated to remain in the control of already established corporate interests with no "personal freedom" attached to their greening aspects.

When alternative fuel provides no true alternative but only bolsters the status quo, it is merely a decorative adornment tossed into a sparse jail cell.

The "bragging rights" of my original concept was never meant to impress but to scream an insurrection.

And here we are.

Mary and I went over to check out the Goshen charger after the electrician totally failed to understand and install our Level 3 charger — despite having done the preparatory work of installing a full-house backup generator plus consolidating our O&R electric service.

No, you are not going to see a bad Yelp review from us, they brought the project to the level they could, and we gave them their final $17,000.00 check this morning and sent them packing.

Afterwards we hoped to find a "business card" mention of whoever installed the Goshen charger on the unit itself, but there was only a model number plus a helpline phone number.

Subsequent online review revealed the scary truth about the device... after the $12,000.00 basic cost of the inadequate device (price not a problem for us), it requires joining a network with a $600/yr fee forever afterwards.

Somebody (tax payers) got took.

Therefore, we are continuing our search elsewhere for a skilled installer.

My old studio for the production of Factory Preset was put together with the help of a person who went on to win 6 Emmy's and 2 Grammy's for their work in audio.

The Endico studio scanning back camera with proofing station was put together for us by the same people who put together the same system for the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

I hate finding myself once again on the extreme leading edge of technology, having to conduct another frustrating and extended search to find somebody with the appropriate level of expertise and understanding.

Well, I guess the world can't be changed nor the planet saved without persistent effort along with the great cost.

Anybody who thinks they can do the job is welcome to drop by the Endico watercolor studio and try to get Mary to let you through to me.

Project requirements for the Level 3 charger -

1) No network involvement or ongoing post installation service charges.

2) Must have a lock function either via key, or an inside the house on/off switch, or by cable removal.

3) Must accommodate all EV interface plug types (no proprietary plug types alone — such as Tesla wishes to enforce).

4) Both input and output usage must be discreetly metered.

5) Must accommodate current state-of-the-art DC fast charging.

Basically we are looking for somebody who can install a Bosch EV2000 charger.

Think you can do it?

To be clear, the 6 Emmy's/2 Grammy's guy who helped me put together my first music studio had a degree in physics.

All serious musicians at the time had similar credentials.

In fact, one of the top guitarists of the day (who used to hang out around the music stores) even designed missile guidance systems for the U.S. Government.

Therefore it is probably best for the installer of our EV charger to have an advanced degree in physics... that way they will understand what I am talking about.

They might be able to talk me out of a requirement or two.












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Sugar Loaf, New York  10981