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Sugar Loaf Guild : The Hidden History of Sugar Loaf, NY


       Sugar Loaf, NY 10981

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Zoom selfie  -Bob Fugett


I never talk to anybody who is not giving me either
shitloads of money or a smidgen of academic credit.


Turing and Linguistics

BEWARE: AI (Artificial Intelligence) is taking over the world.

This is never talked about, but a terrible truth hides behind the Turing test.

The Turing test (devised long before Big Blue beat the chess master Kasparov) was designed to confirm if and when computers achieved human intelligence.

The test was described as having a person in one room blindly interrogate by text a computer in a separate room and a human in a third.

The computer would be said to have human intelligence when the texting interrogator could not distinguish which is the computer and which is the human. 

I have never heard it mentioned before, but there is a second way a computer can beat the test:

1)  Of course one could always increase the level of the computer's intelligence.

2)  But maybe it is much easier to just lower people's expectation of what constitutes human language.


Done, LOL!

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Turing test
Deep Blue versus Gary Kasparov


Eye to Eye

As one of Sugar Loaf's premier artists Mary Endico's career has always been strongly supported by her ability to engage with art collectors one on one, face to face, eye to eye.

Everything about digital communications directly undermines that, but we are hopeful we will be able to overcome most of the problems.

Post pandemic we have no choice.

One problem which is far from being manageable at this time is eye contact.

In-person lightning quick connection with subtle micro-expressions that are locked in harmony passing information back and forth non-verbally while exchanging high level aesthetic content is thwarted by even the slightest delay in a digital line.

The situation is further complicated by the inability to look directly into somebody else's eyes.

Constantly darting furtive eyes from screen to camera position and back again in order to read somebody's immediate response while trying to appear as if looking at them is a disaster.

Include a mask, and... forget it!

The current situation may be fine for broadcasters who merely read content without the need to constantly monitor viewers' engagement, but in the highly interactive world of art sales the technology has a long way to go.

Single-point camera modules will always be a problem.

My suggestion is that computer screens will need an interlaced pixel for pixel image capture so that the human face is not captured by a narrow square tied to a preset position.

Unfortunately, that sort of technology is a long way off.

As of 05/15/2020, I have never heard of such a system even being contemplated, so I may have to design it myself.

Even still, until pre-cognitive computer chips become widely available, time delay will always remain a problem.

In the meantime, Mary and I continue fudging camera positions along with presentation process in hopes of repeating online Mary's incredible in-studio personal touch.

See also:


discuss: Coach Taube as example



Below is a screen grab from the French version of Wiktionary.

It defines a word for "failure", and it shows that the United States has become the very definition of the word failure.

Look up "failure" and you will find a picture of American leadership next to it.

Thank you, Trump, Turing and cohorts.

Sugar Loaf, NY on the other hand is anything but a failure, and the pages on this Guild website give a clear understanding why.

We have weathered yet another disaster in leadership by staying true to ourselves and providing the best product and thoughtful service imaginable.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to get back to working on my Dalf C2 language certification from the French government.


from Wiktionnaire 05/14/20









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