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Sugar Loaf Guild : The Hidden History of Sugar Loaf, NY


       Sugar Loaf, NY 10981

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  Updated Oct 04, 2020 | By Bob Fugett

    Sugar Loaf University

[  Univeristy   |  Accreditation   |  Ph.D.   |  Grants   |  Jewelry   |  Pottery    (cont)   |  Sculpture   |  Stained Glass  |  Woodcarving   ]

Sugar Loaf University: never on Facebook, never on Twitter

Distance learning is one thing,
but social-media is neither.
- Bob Fugett

Sugar Loaf University: never on Facebook, never on Twitter.

Attend classes in Sugar Loaf for college credit!

The Ph.D. Program in Studio Arts is up and running.

- otherwise -

- But back to the main theme -

Ph.D. Program in Studio Arts
In January of 2017 the Sugar Loaf University, Ph.D. Program in Studio Arts
was immortalized in an article by The Delaware and Hudson Canvas (p. 10)

Requirements for undergraduate College Credit classes (separate from the Ph.D. Program in Studio Arts)

1) Enrollment in an accredited college or university such as SUNY Orange following an appropriate study program.

2) Approval and reference by a faculty member of that institution.

3) Earn 1 hour toward your degree doing something you love guided by the best in the field.

Study under career life-time successful professional artists who are tops in their field while earning credit toward your degree.

The Lenny Silver $1,000.00 study grant is available for use in any Sugar Loaf for-credit class, and more study grants are on the way.

Each individual studio may provide its own access to college credit classes without Sugar Loaf University involvement.

10/22/2016  update

We are currently working to acquire full accreditation of Sugar Loaf University and establish a Ph.D. Program in Studio Arts. [11/01/16: The Ph.D. Program is up and running while the accreditation process continues.]

Sugar Loaf University has its roots in and follows the long standing proven precepts of classical education based on the trivium (grammar, logic, rhetoric) and a slightly updated quadrivium (which was historically astronomy, arithmetic, music and geometry).

Moving the Ph.D. Program in Studio Arts toward accreditation changes everything, so a quick update and reminder is needed.

Sugar Loaf University is not an online distance learning school ... all classes are held on campus in person.

Opportunities for college credit continue while we navigate the regulatory environment to acquire full accreditation by one of the authorities of the United States educational system.

Due to recent instances of people trying to appear more closely aligned with Sugar Loaf than they are, plus some people misrepresenting their own teaching credentials, we are now carefully screening discussions.

As of this date (10/22/2016) all questions and applications are handled through an in person visit to the Endico Watercolor Studio.

You may apply for the Lenny Silver $1,000.00 study grant to be used in any approved for-credit Sugar Loaf class.

The original idea for Sugar Loaf University was somewhat a joke with t-shirts, a wry twist on the observed truth of study opportunities that are available in Sugar Loaf, but the concept took on a life of its own and received such strong support in the community we have to step up our game.

In the meantime the following information is still valid.

Of course you do not have to study for college credit, because there are over a dozen ongoing classes in music, jewelry, woodcarving, pottery, stained glass, sculpture, painting, drawing, fashion design and assembly from more than a dozen Sugar Loaf studios which you may attend just for the fun of it while receiving the same high quality education provided for the academic credit courses.

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings along with Saturday mornings, Sugar Loaf is teeming with educational opportunity, so get started right away.

A full list of classes will be coming to this page soon with classroom photos.

In the meantime browse the campus on the Location Photos page and follow links to various artists to see what grabs your interest.




What are those Greek letters: Λ Ω Φ?

That is the Sugar Loaf University frasority (a unisex combination of fraternity and sorority).

Just prior to January 2014, Bob Fugett did an extensive Internet search hoping to find unique Greek letters which would give a meaningful identity to the new frasority.

This was done in conjunction with the design phase of the first Sugar Loaf University T-shirts.

Therefore ΛΩΦ (Lambda Omega Phi) was born, and Bob might tell you what the Greek letters stand for but like he says, "It is like the sound of one hand clapping ... much better when you figure it out for yourself. Sugar Loaf locals are most likely to get it first."

Otherwise here is a little Search Engine Optimization lesson:

The ΛΩΦ (Lambda Omega Phi) frasority.
The Λ Ω Φ (Lambda Omega Phi) frasority.
The ΛΩΦ f(Lambda Omega Phi) frasority.
The Λ Ω Φ (Lambda Omega Phi) frasority.

All the above represent Lambda Omega Phi (neither a fraternity, nor a sorority, but a frasority) a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sugar Loaf Guild and Sugar Loaf community, being especially relevant to the Sugar Loaf University elements within both the Sugar Loaf Guild and the hamlet of Sugar Loaf itself, which is to say: nobody owns it, and there is nothing like it, nowhere, nohow.

I thought Greek organizations like Lambda Omega Phi (ΛΩΦ) always have stuff like secret handshakes.

Yes, of course, and here is ours:

(secret handshake ... sshhh!)


What is it with this Bob Fugett character; does he just make shit up any 'ol time he feels like it?


So then you actually cannot get college credit for classes in Sugar Loaf?

No, you absolutely can study in Sugar Loaf with top level artists and receive college credit for it.

That is a fact.

Where can I buy me one of them sweet Sugar Loaf University T-shirts?

The Sugar Loaf University T-shirts are not for sale, they must be conferred (we call them free promotional gifts).

However, you could always steal the design and have one printed for yourself, so below are links to camera ready copy.

Front (PDF 1 Meg)
Back (PDF 6 Meg)

Has anybody ever actually gotten college credit for classes in Sugar Loaf?

Yes, absolutely.

Below is a photo of some of Bob Fugett's students from back in the day when they were freshly back from winning awards in a Statewide competition.

Later one of the students shown went on to receive an A for a one hour class of college credit from Orange County Community College (now SUNY Orange) using Bob's lessons (which they were still attending when they got to college) as an outreach extension program.

Even later still, another of Bob's students succeeded with the same grade in the same manner, but at the time of this photo they were not yet Bob's student and were only referred to Bob by the college when the class for credit was undertaken.

Of course Bob had to fill out some paperwork and submit a grade, but that effort was rather minor while the class work itself was merely his usual lessons, that is to say the best musical instruction possible and no skin off Bob's nose if somebody used it toward a college degree.

In any case, below are some champion musicians circa 1985:

from the newspaper

photo including parents which was not published

Bob is currently working on The Sound of One Hand Writing and has established a Ph.D. Program in Studio Arts.






















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Sugar Loaf, New York  10981