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Sugar Loaf Guild : The Hidden History of Sugar Loaf, NY


       Sugar Loaf, NY 10981

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  Updated June 14, 2024 | By Bob Fugett

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Sugar Loaf Guild
The Hidden History of Sugar Loaf, NY

Sugar Loaf, NY - The Candle Shop

Above is just a taste of the exuberant products that are hand-made in Sugar Loaf, New York, and available for purchase directly from artisan studios that are open to the public in the Hamlet.

Been that way for years.

How is it that a group of full time working artists and artisans can survive through thick and thin providing world class product away from the major commercial hubs while continuing to enjoy a following international in scope?

This website answers that question and gives insight into the unique situation of the crafts community which is the heart of Sugar Loaf, NY.

The Hamlet of Sugar Loaf has been a thriving center for the arts since the 1960's and is as vibrant today as ever.

Sugar Loaf, NY includes at least a half dozen long standing shops such as the Candle Shop shown above that are owned and operated by journeymen artisans who have plied their trade for a lifetime.

Two more examples of such enduring and prolific creative output are the watercolors of Mary Endico and the woodcarvings of Clay Boone.

The quality of their work gives testament to an enduring tradition of dedication to creative excellence.

The pages here on the Sugar Loaf Guild website focus on articulating that tradition.

early Endico/Fugett studio and gallery (Fantasy Factory), 1977
Scott's Meadow, Sugar Loaf, NY

The amazing true story of Sugar Loaf starts on Bob's Corner.

After reading Bob's nine enlightening short stories come back here for more orientation to the hamlet's long history of providing the best artistic products in the world by browsing:

Location Photos - the in-depth tour with walking map links

As an aside, anybody with a flickr account might be able to help us:

The Candle Shop photo above is by: photobug56.

Please tell photobug56 that Bob has pushed their image to the top of Google, so they can post a thank you in the Forum.

Now if you will excuse the diversion, Google needs its due by way of mentioning how you may have heard (often) any one of the following utterances: Sugar Loaf, NY candles; Sugar Loaf, NY watercolors; Sugar Loaf, NY woodcarvings.

You probably get the idea, so I might not have to go on, but there is also: Sugar Loaf, NY stained glass; Sugar Loaf, NY pottery; Sugar Loaf, NY photography; Sugar Loaf, NY fine art.

Of course you may also have heard much said about a Sugar Loaf, NY artist or maybe Sugar Loaf, NY artists and Sugar Loaf, NY crafts, or all of the above typed as Sugar Loaf, New York, (in equal measure) instead of merely Sugar Loaf, NY.

You might be thinking those were a few weird paragraphs, but they serve a purpose.

In any case, those were the essential descriptions of items that are handmade and available for purchase in Sugar Loaf, New York: truly unique objects found here in quantity, quality, and character like nowhere else in the world.

This is no exaggeration.


Sugar Loaf Mountain © photo by Sarah Hannon

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