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Sugar Loaf Guild : The Hidden History of Sugar Loaf, NY


       Sugar Loaf, NY 10981

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  Updated May 02, 2022 | By Bob Fugett

    18th Century Furniture : About

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Whee doggies.

Get ready for the ride of your lifetime folks; here we go!

The year was 1985 and Sugar Loaf was in full bloom as an artist community.

Of course full bloom is easy to say, but every time anybody decides Sugar Loaf is in full bloom it only blooms brighter.

Therefore when Peter & Manon VonUchtrup, 18th Century Furniture, came to Sugar Loaf it was in full bloom and getting brighter ... just like today.

The musician was putting the finishing touches on a recording studio and process while acquiring the last pieces of avant-guard equipment to produce the first music of its kind, and the watercolor artist was just moments away from breaking into the big time bringing her craft to unparalleled levels.

The candle maker was dipping an incredible number of candles like none found anywhere else, and from the eager buyers he would hold aside just enough of them to light the entire town end to end along the street for the winter holidays.

The woodcarving studio was already home to a young but accomplished second generation carver, not wood working mind you, but wood carving (actual Leonardo de Vinci style sculptural pieces executed in wood with a practical twist).

And the potter (with an assistant) was well on the way to establishing a cultural touchstone from whence thousands of young people would produce personal treasures as their lifelong heirloom and memento reminder of their potential.

Stained glass was already being produced in Sugar Loaf, but the final artist had not yet arrived.

So much jewelry was being produced that one new artisan shop almost named themselves "No Jewelry."

Rag dolls, weaving, macramé, wooden toys, leather goods, soft sculpture, odd furniture, photography, even paintings in glass; if something was made anywhere, it was made in Sugar Loaf, along with lots and lots of stuff that wasn't made anywhere else.

That was the environment into which the VonUchtrup's arrived to set up shop.

Of course Sugar Loaf shops do not set up quickly, nor easily (and sometimes not at all), so what you see in the surrounding photos is the result of a lifetime fine tuning the hand and eye for making things to put together a ... well not so much a shop as a situation, really more like a presence, an aura springing from the overflowing of two creative souls.

Ok, that last line went a little too far, but it still describes something you probably want to see, be a part of, and take part of it home with you.

And of course there are all the magazine cover articles and newspaper special interest articles that spotlight 18th Century Furniture in Sugar Loaf, New York.

Lots and lots and lots of magazine covers enthusiastically highlighting the work of Peter and Manon Von Uchtrup, 18th Century Furniture, Sugar Loaf, NY.

In summary Peter and Manon Von Uchtrup got started in the hamlet in 1985, when Sugar Loaf was just exactly like it is today ... best ever and getting better.

They make stuff you want.

The end.

Manon Von Uchtrup
18th Century Furniture, Sugar Loaf, New York

Peter Von Uchtrup
18th Century Furniture

Peter Von Uchtrup
18th Century Furniture



© Photos by: Mary Endico, Sugar Loaf, NY - June 9, 2015
(except for Manon's lovely face)
© Text by: Bob Fugett (hands off)



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Sugar Loaf, New York  10981