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Sugar Loaf Guild : journeymen full time working artists and artisans


       Sugar Loaf, NY 10981

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  Updated Jan 27, 2016 | By Bob Fugett

    Sugar Loaf Guild : Financial Statement : 2013


2013 - Expenditures Grand Total
(all programs as of 12/31/13)


CAUTION: Please be advised the Sugar Loaf Guild along with all programs sponsored are solely funded by Mary Endico and Bob Fugett, owners of a small studio within the hamlet of Sugar Loaf, NY using money generated from sales of Mary's watercolors plus Bob's music and books to street traffic within the hamlet itself—to people attracted to Sugar Loaf from all over the world.

The Sugar Loaf Guild remains the only fully inclusive web presence and advertising generator within Sugar Loaf.

No outside grants, no money collected from community members, and no expectation of direct financial gain to Bob and Mary are included in their Sugar Loaf Guild efforts.

If anybody represents themselves as a spokesperson for the Guild and asks for money, show them the door.

We are benefactors, not recipients.

There are people within the community who are pretending to do the same thing, but are in fact doing quite the opposite.

So far this year (2013) the Sugar Loaf Guild programs have revealed surprising truths about the current commercial health and state of affairs in the hamlet.

What first appeared to be significant online Internet activity was found to be merely Google type aggregations of outdated spurious posts, and when the major players were questioned in real life the artisan shops routinely admitted they were really doing very little online. 

Except for maybe Anne Marie's Deli who does report a slight benefit from posting their menus.

Not to mention what was found online pointed to an economic downturn and hard times in the hamlet, but when queried in person the true artisan shops reported strong sales and a continued growth in the following for their work.

All of the Sugar Loaf Guild programs have proven successful with the main success coming from the Swag Kit Program which allowed Guild representatives to approach busy businesses and break the ice with the much appreciated gift of a free T-shirt and sports water bottle (which always contained a Guild business card).

The Advocacy Program provided the proudest moment for the Guild with its donation of $1,000.00 to Wikipedia (placing a hotlink on their Benefactors page), and right up there with that was an earlier donation of another $1,000.00 to the Jacksonville Watercolor Society (which has ties to people in Warwick). [ see more below ]

Of course there were the Guild contributions to the Paul Newmann Hole in the Wall Gang and swag kits for the Kain Climb early in the year, followed by The Sugar Loaf Fire Department, Warwick Humane Society, Warwick High School, Salvation Army and MacMurray College.

The shining center of all this effort resulted in the new Sugar Loaf Town Brochures which have been widely distributed and are free for anybody in the hamlet, artisan or not.

In summary, for the artisan shops in Sugar Loaf business is currently great, but you have to get out on the street and talk to your friends and neighbors to find that out.

Advocacy Program

Sugar Loaf Guild has provided funding to the following:



$ Amount




The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp 02/28


associated Kain Climb Awards (Swag Kits)



Jacksonville Watercolor Society (Letter) 05/09


Wikimedia Foundation 05/20


Sugar Loaf Fire Department 05/25


Warwick Humane Society 05/25


Warwick Valley High School Girls X-Country 05/25


Salvation Army 12/24


MacMurray College (cash donation) 12/31


MacMurray College (match donation paintings) 12/31


total : Advocacy Program




Advertising Expenditures

Publication / Type


$ Amount



website & domains / WinHost hosting service 11/07




business card 01/08


Delaware & Hudson Canvas (display ad1 - 1 yr) 02/01


Warwick Advertiser (1x display ad test) 02/25


Delaware & Hudson Canvas (display ad2 - 1 yr) 03/07


Warwick Advertiser (display ad - 1 yr) 03/15


Sugar Loaf Music Festival (BNE, END, SGL) 03/15


Canvas (full page back cover) 07/13


Walking Tour (full page general placement) 07//15


Color surcharge Canvas incl Hengen 08/24


Town Brochures (1st printing 1,000 count) 08/30


Town Brochures (2nd printing 9,000 count) 09/05


total : Advertising




Swag Kits


$ Amount

Calandrillo 02/01


Jen Shortess (Artemis Boutique) 02/01


Laura Briteman & Mike Needleman 02/01


Diane Dzwilewski 02/01


Kain awards (see Advocacy Program) 03/05


Delaware & Hudson Canvas 03/05


Boswell 03/19


Bertoni 03/23


J. Hengen 03/24


Kelly Jane 03/24


Sundog 04/14


The Candle Shop 05/03


Side Door Framing Supplies 05/03


Tuni Weiss (Jacksonville Waterclr Soc.) 05/08


Dr. Gulak and staff 05/08


Greg Tsoucalas 05/15


Anne Marie's Deli 05/20


Barnsider 05/22


Peter Kopher 05/25


Warwick Humane Society 05/25


Warwick Humane Society 05/26


Alyssa Seaman (and mother) 05/26


Moon Angel 05/26


Shannon 05/27


Randy Brown, Bee Positive 05/31


Practical Magick 06/08


Kayla, Scarlet's Way 06/08


Next Generation Hobbies 06/09


Georgianne Barlow 06/16


KM Designs 06/24


Elizabeth Censullo VanBrocklin 06/27


Luft Gardens 07/28


Allen Michalka 08/08


The Bodhi Tree 08/30


Colláge 08/30


18th Century Furniture 09/01


Anne Marie's Deli (redux) 09/23


Kenny Cahall, Baker Boss (supposedly) 09/23


MacMurray College (PBS) 12/09


Yale University (JDH) 12/27


total : Swag Kits




Awards Program

Individual / Organization


$ Amount



Most Avid Reader  


book prize > Connie Rose



total : Awards Program







$ Amount



Silvia Margolis Memorial 06/24


total : Miscellaneous




2013 - Expenditures Grand Total
(all programs as of 12/31/13)



This year's Advocacy Program, Advertising Expenditures, and Awards were made possible by a generous $22,043.26 grant from Bob Fugett and Mary Endico Fugett.

These two financial contributors are also tireless providers of their time and expertise.

All they ask in return is this one small opportunity for flagrant self aggrandizement.

As to why Bob Fugett is doing all of this for free, one final explanation is in order.

Following is the answer to a question in the Forum about why Bob refuses to charge for anything on this website:

$320,000 Per Year

Here's the problem.

My fee for authoring a website like the Sugar Loaf Guild (to make it worth my stopping what I am already doing) would be $320,000 dollars per year with a five year contract plus some other conditions being met.

Therefore charging people anything at all for the truly drop in the bucket aspects of that would just be misleading.

It is probably not very obvious to people, what it takes to put together a Sugar Loaf Guild style website, so I understand why the value might not be recognized.

Don't forget, this website is purposely designed for simplicity and ease of use while hiding the complex details of the technology at work behind it.

In fact the goal is for a user to think nothing at all happened on the site; they just found what they were looking for and maybe learned something new about Sugar Loaf.

The extreme technical excellence of the website should not even enter their mind.

Except those who have done their homework understand that sites coming even close to the Sugar Loaf Guild are increasingly rare on the Internet, and that makes it even harder to see how truly far ahead of the curve the Guild site is.

In fact the Guild is so far in front of the curve that even taking a straight line direct run trying to beat it will likely fail.

Truly post-tweetie-face.

The person most likely to understand what I am talking about is Brad (Clay Boone's son), because I spent some time with him one on one explaining the technology.

But even Brad only glimpsed the smallest tip of the iceburg, enough to get him up and running with his own site but actually not even the tip, just a cartographer's rough drawn map implying the direction in which one might go to find the tip.

The full story would more closely show how I am able to do such things as teach Google to provide the world's best presentation of:


That, my friends, was a quick lesson in semiotics but outside the scope of this discussion.

So like I said, it would take $320,000 per year in a five year contract (tax free) just in my own pocket with some other very important conditions met.

For one I would need at my disposal a roomful of programmers, because the last six months has taken me off my bicycle too much and I put on weight.

I will not do that again.

A roomful of replacements would be needed to take over the coding because programmers trained on the newer slower tools would need extra help to keep up with what I can do on my own.

The other requirement would be a massive promotional budget to help get the word out using old timey standard print and other traditional advertising methods.

We have spent over $15,000.00 in the last few months, and that is not nearly enough to show any remarkable improvement over the interest I am generating online for free, but it might be nice to inform some of the people who are still languishing on the other side of the digital divide.

The final necessity is that whatever project the website served would have to be culturally significant and extremely so.

Which brings me to the final reason I am doing all this for free.

The most important requirement for me is cultural significance, it far outweighs the considerations of time and money, but there is nothing in the world more culturally significant than what is happening right now today in Sugar Loaf.

That means I am obligated to provide the service at any cost to myself but free to everybody else.

I know it can sometimes be hard to spot the cultural significance of what is happening in Sugar Loaf because of the number of shops that routinely come and go after buying into marketing nonsense enticing them to follow corporate schemes specifically designed to make them fail.

Such stuff as banners, e-blasts, online networking, and standard advertising that mimics shopping commons and big box stores but doesn't provide a shred of possibility of beating them at their own game.

Or as Clay Boone has so aptly described shops who follow that line, "... those folks who only bring the brown trucks into town ignoring the fact a brown truck can just as easily deliver direct."

Those marketing ideas come from corporate stores which only wish they could compete with Sugar Loaf and only hope to cut short a few startups by distracting them into wasted effort on proven paths of failure.

Consider this.

Yesterday a first time couple from New York City came into the Endico studio.

They were taking a random ride out in the country specifically to get away from the City, and they just happened into Sugar Loaf, and just happened into the Endico studio.

They were beside themselves seeing such high quality art in a little out of the way place decidedly not New York City—where they had assumed all the great art to be.

In fact they soon realized that not only was the work they were looking at as good as anything in New York, it was actually better.

So Mary explained how that happened to be, how it was because of her process, and how that process is one which could not be supported by living anywhere else (especially in New York City despite her work having been shown there on occasion and recently used on the home page of the country's top watercolor show at the National Arts Club, 15 Gramercy Park South, NYC), and how she enjoys an international following with people coming from places as far away as Ireland, Japan, Europe and South America once a year to "check in."

As an aside Mary is not the only one in Sugar Loaf with such a following because of doing top level work.

Further aside even a local print publication purporting to specialize in regional arts has missed this fact in the past, nor am I sure they get it yet.

Therefore since I am the only one around with the understanding and specific skills set deep enough to effectively put it all online, it is my absolute duty to do it, and to do it for free.

I am an artist and have absolutely no interest in becoming a "web designer."

The Sugar Loaf Guild website and process is a profound resource helping make this the best place in the world to build a solid business in the creative arts.

This website is only one of the special supporting infrastructures like none other in the world available only to businesses in Sugar Loaf.

More people are becoming aware of that fact every day.

(see also: Truth - Beauty - Art)








KEYTAP  Publication
Sugar Loaf, New York  10981